Saturday, 1 July 2017

Petroleum Dealers Association Punjab

Petroleum Dealers Association Punjab
Mohali (Nizam) -Punjab Petroleum Dealers Association meeting chaired by Sandeep Sehgal, in which the oil companies and the government were demanding that the problems faced by petrol pump owners of the state should be resolved, otherwise they will be compelled It has to take a strict step.
Sehgal said that according to the decision of the All India Petroleum Dealer Association, Punjab's Petroleum Dealer will also join the strike on July 5. No petrol pump owner in the country will buy oil from oil companies on this day and on July 12, neither petrol pump owner will buy or sell oil from oil companies. All petrol pumps in the country will be closed on this day.
Saigal said that due to the Daily Price Change effective June 16, the dealers are facing many problems. Due to the daily change in oil prices, the dealers are suffering huge losses and in these two weeks the dealers have lost lakhs of rupees. He said that if it continues to run like this then the pump will be shut down very soon and emergency situations can arise.
He said that the All India Petroleum Dealer Association has also demanded that the oil companies to give a guaranteed margin of the stock to the stock holders of the petrol pump owners and the margin of the dealer will be increased by Rs. 1 per liter on petrol and diesel. To be done.
Sehgal said that the Punjab Petroleum Dealer Association decided to join the strike by placing all the petrol pump on July 5 and 12 on the call of the All India Petroleum Dealer Association.

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