Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The 17-year-old child created 'Unique Footwears' to stop the rape

The 17-year-old child created 'Unique Footwear' to stop the rape

Hyderabad: The rising number of rape cases in India is a cause of great concern. Some of these are also those who hear when the sun shakes. After such a few cases have emerged, 17-year-old student of Hyderabad's school, Siddharth Mandala has developed a piece of software that helps women defend themselves. After applying this piece, the girl touching will have a shock of 0.1 amp. Apart from this, the Faucian police and the girl's family will also be informed of their correct location.
Siddhartha has named this piece as 'Electro Shu', which is based on the Pizza's Piezoelectric Concept. The most important thing is that it does not need to be charged with batteries or electricity. When the girls start walking on this, they will be charged on their departure. This software looks like a fairly ordinary piece of looks, but its features are extraordinary. This attempt of Siddhartha has been praised by the Education Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of India, Col. Radhakrishnan, and their name has been released by the Letter of Aggression.

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